Angola’s Largest Opposition Party UNITA Elects New Leader

Angola’s main opposition party has elected its new leader Adalberto Costa Junior following the resignation of Isaias Samakuva that has been at the helm of the former armed movement that turned into an opposition party.

Founded in 1966, UNITA, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola is the second-largest political party in Angola.

This former armed movement fought alongside the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola in the Angolan War for Independence and then against the MPLA in the ensuing civil war.

Adalberto Costa Junior, 57 elected Friday, has the difficult task of straightening the party for the next general election of 2022.

However, ever since abandoning the gun and formalizing into a political party, UNITA has experienced only electoral defeats, for sixteen years, that is to say since the end of the civil war and since the armed movement became opposition party.

The party’s former leader, Isaias Samakuva, failed to shake up the reign of MPLA, the ruling party, although UNITA still won more than 26% of the vote in the last general election.

The difficulty for the new leader is that UNITA has campaigned extensively in the past about the regime’s corruption under the presidency of Edouardo Dos Santos and that today the ruling MPLA has a new leader, Joao Lourenco, who is specifically attacking corruption and the Dos Santos clique.

Also, Unita will have to find a new battle horse to campaign.

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