Cracks Emerge in Tshisekedi-Kabila Coalition

Security agents in Democratic Republic of Congo have arrested some protesters that have burnt effigies of President Felix Tshisekedi and Joseph Kabila a clear signal of an ongoing internal crack in the ruling party.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Gilbert Kankonde on Friday warned those who are trying to destabilise the FCC-Cach Coalition to back off.  Local media reported that Kankonde was in Kolwezi to reconcile the members of the coalition that seem not in agreement.

He said that the conflict that has pitted some members of the FCC Joseph Kabila for several days with those of Cach, the platform of Felix Tshisekedi which includes the UDPS, may benefit opponents.

According to this Interior Minister, the opposition would wait for the failure of their coalition to regain power.

Meanwhile, in the Congolese capital Kinshasa, youth of the UDPS had destroyed and burned the effigies of the former President Joseph Kabila. In response, in Kolwezi, those of the PPRD had attacked the effigies of the current president Felix Tshisekedi. A dozen of them have been arrested, accused of insulting the Head of State.

Also at Lubumbashi Airport, Gilbert Kankonde was less prone to reconciliation when his FCC colleagues left, leaving him alone and without a car on the tarmac. But this Friday in Kolwezi, members of the government of Kinshasa showed their solidarity.

The defense minister from the pro-Kabila coalition has called on both sides not to plunge the country into a serious political crisis as was the case in 1960.

Ngoy Mukena recalled that the coexistence of President Kasa Vubu and his Prime Minister Lumumba had failed to rush the country into chaos.

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